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Management Best Practices for Service Leaders – blog submissions to Managers in the Service space (Carriers and Service Providers) to help manage through the challenging waters of Heavy Duty Truck Service. Information gathered through my work with successful Service Organizations and Leaders in the Heavy Duty Repair Business.

Managing vs. Doing

No matter if you are an entry level new manager to this space, or a veteran Manager, the biggest personality trait conversion I see to address the biggest challenge, is a Leader moving from a “Doer” to a “Manager”.  Most of the Service Leaders that I work with have a common trait; they all worked their way up through the ranks to reach their Management level. The skills they mastered to work their way up through the organization had everything to do with how well they accomplished personal tasks. The effectiveness of how they applied their knowledge and skill into hard task accomplishments. Often times these skills are measured against objective job operation times, or “flat rate” goals set for people to attain or exceed. Their skills to advance have everything to do with personal growth. While often times they may be part of a team, or an organization, their skills needed to exceed, had very little to do with the team being successful. Thus, the Manager has attained their current position by being a very good “Doer”.

The conversion from a Doer to a Manager creates a multitude of challenges for the Leader and for the Organization. While working with these leaders, I have identified a number of Best Practices that will aid these Managers in developing themselves into Great “Managing Partners” in their businesses, and away from the overworked Doer that is constantly Task Oriented and more directing and doing vs. Managing and Coaching. The number one reason is time. The Doer Manager simply has no time to apply the Management Skills needed to become a Coach or Managing Partner. The Doer manager has developed their skills to be a problem-solver, in everything they do. Now they are solving problems for a multitude of people vs. being a problem-solver for themselves. The change needs training, and most organizations have not developed Management Training programs in this space. The organization needs to support a training program that helps the Doer personality, into a Managing partner of a key department in their Organization.


  • Absence of this training sends the department into a world of reactive results to problems that the “C” level management perceives. The team is considered dysfunctional and the results disappointing. The organizations I work with tend to focus on strategic planning for the department and the leader that reinforce the Organizations total Goals. In the coming weeks I will add suggested skills and practices an organization and/or the Leader might consider helping change their “Doing Techniques” into “Managing Techniques”. We all have an allotted amount of time to be successful at our jobs. I give “Doer

Managers” skills to consider that will help them manage, in lieu of time they are currently spending “Doing”. Replacing the time allotted in a day, week, or month from doing to managing…thus, not “working harder, but truly working smarter”.


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