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Jack Porter

Jack Porter CEO

GPorter Group, LLC.  is a Privately Held Consulting Company dedicated to service the unique challenges of the Trucking and Equipment Dealer industry. Committed to use their past experience and their current research to bring a profitable solution to their Clients. Lead by Jack Porter and his Experience, GPG will focus on Strategic Planning, Best Practices and Management Execution.




Current Industry Experience

•    2014 Started GPorter Group LLC.
•    A Privately Held Consulting Company for the Truck Business
•    To Serve the Truck Dealer and Trucking Business
•    2002 joined Decisiv, Inc.
•    Truck Dealer & Trucking Consulting Firm
•    20 Group moderating, financial benchmarking, and consulting
•    Moderating Dealer 20 groups – Dealer  Groups for Financial Benchmarking
•    Developed TCA “Benchmarking Program” 2003
•    Developed Uniform Financial Statement
•    Developed Financial Composite
•    Moderate 3 TCA Benchmarking Groups
•    TCA Maintenance Seminars
•    Logistics “20 Group”
•    Data Analysis thru Monthly Composites
•    Annual Moderation of their Meeting
•    In-House Service Consulting
•    Dealer and Carrier Service Consults
•    Over 30 completed
•    Strategic Planning Sessions
•    Management Training

Related Industry Experience
•    12 Years Senior Consultant at Decisiv, Inc.
•    Develop and Market Service Management Software Platform
•    Manage Industry Expertise to enhance the Product
•    17 years Vice President/General Manager Freightliner dealer in Seattle.
•    100 Million in Sales, 2 Locations
•    24 Hour/7 Day a week Operation
•    Handled all Maintenance of 1500 Truck Fleet
•    8 additional years with Dealership experience

How Does This Help the Prospective Client
•    Over 35 years of hands on experience in Trucking and Truck Dealers
•    Current understanding of Fleet, Dealer, and Manufacturer Operations
•    Reliable Benchmarks for Comparison
•    Proven Practices that will address Individual needs
•    Suggestions that are understandable and in Layman Terms

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GPorter Group
4323 SE 178th Place
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Jack Porter
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